Create Drop Down Menu with Free CSS Menu Generator

Screenshot of CSS Menu GeneratorCSS Menu Generator is another WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) menu generator. What is the biggest difference with the others?: it generates XHTML, CSS and Javascript code compliant with the standard W3C specifications. This is very important if you want to make professional designs. Interface is pretty nice and easy to understand. Lanjutkan membaca “Create Drop Down Menu with Free CSS Menu Generator”

Create the CSS Menu compatible for all browsers

CSS Tab DesignerA web designer may have to be stressful because of CSS,  especially when making menu tab on the web page. In Firefox is good but on IE 6 to be ruined.

I myself have experienced such a case to make me stress, and finally to the efforts and hard work, I found a software / freeware, called CSS Tab Designer. Lanjutkan membaca “Create the CSS Menu compatible for all browsers”

Healthy recipes for the lean body

Slim woman measuring her body. photoMore than cosmetic reasons, comfort and health “lean body” is a yearning for some of us, women both young and old.
Yes we certainly agree that obesity is identical with a variety of disease threats such as high blood pressure, structural, heart and others.
To that still have a lot of money could go to fitness centers or fitness centers that typically serve the formation of body therapy, Lanjutkan membaca “Healthy recipes for the lean body”