Benefits of yoga for the human health

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yoga-poseYoga or Gymnastics Yoga ….
sentence that was familiar to us because it is among modern life, where many people in a busy world with a variety of activities each, choose yoga as a sideline activity to refresh their organs back and tried to throw away a sense of stress that comes due to too much to think about their lifestyle today.

I’m no exception …
Almost every day from 8 o’clock in the morning until 9:30 o’clock I do meditation and yoga before I perform daily activities of my day in front of the computer.

wow … turns out after a few months I do yoga, the benefits are incredible … ..
With a comfortable atmosphere, good facilities and guided by experienced instructors, I feel some benefits such as:

1. my mind becomes more so as to generate fresh ideas for supporting brilliant profession.
2. Strength to become more fit because these muscles are trained to perform difficult movements.
3. Appetite for the better because a lot of negative energy that came out after her Yoga.
4. and the no less important than the benefits of Meditation and Yoga is a spiritually I feel closer to God.

If you feel interested in Yoga, you can come to Linggah Lalang village, on the edge of west coast island of Bali is calm, a black sand beach covered by the river split Balian.
Shankari’s Bali Retreat is a very comfortable place to conduct spiritual activities, one of them is Yoga. and for more detail infomation you can see at Bali Yoga please..!

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