Benefits of yoga for the human health

yoga-poseYoga or Gymnastics Yoga ….
sentence that was familiar to us because it is among modern life, where many people in a busy world with a variety of activities each, choose yoga as a sideline activity to refresh their organs back and tried to throw away a sense of stress that comes due to too much to think about their lifestyle today. Lanjutkan membaca “Benefits of yoga for the human health”

Laser printers cause cancer! really …?

Printers blocks with the word Printing photoCareful in choosing and using the printer Guys …!
They said, according to the study the researchers from Queensland University of Technology Australia, some laser printers pollutants out pollution particles that can live in human lungs and health threatening.
If inhaled particles can cause irritation to the respiratory system. Also be at risk of heart illness and cancer. Lanjutkan membaca “Laser printers cause cancer! really …?”

Healthy recipes for the lean body

Slim woman measuring her body. photoMore than cosmetic reasons, comfort and health “lean body” is a yearning for some of us, women both young and old.
Yes we certainly agree that obesity is identical with a variety of disease threats such as high blood pressure, structural, heart and others.
To that still have a lot of money could go to fitness centers or fitness centers that typically serve the formation of body therapy, Lanjutkan membaca “Healthy recipes for the lean body”