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In this time, I will show you some Icons for Web Design who can use on your site. The following are a small but high quality group of free web design related icons and buttons.

Mini Grey Icon

Here are 32 16×16 grayscale png icons that include generic topics such as directions, “home”, “search”, “file”, and more

Mini Web Design Icons

A collection of 16×16 mini colored icons, everything from 4 directional arrow signs to thumbs up/down and plus/minus signs.

General Web Design Icons (Shadowless Bright)

A slightly different version of the original “General Web Design Icons” that removes each icon’s subtle shadow plus brightens the colors. Like before they are 24×24 in dimension and available in either “gif” or “png” formats.

General Web Design Icons

This is a collection of general web design icons in 24×24 dimension and available in either “gif” or “png” formats. It includes directional icons (left/right, up/down), “home”, “search”, “cart”, “rss” icons, and more.

RSS Icons Collection

28 RSS icons featuring 4 different color variants and 2 different sizes in “png” format. A PSD file of the RSS icon is also made available for easy customization in Photoshop.

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