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Slim woman measuring her body. photoMore than cosmetic reasons, comfort and health “lean body” is a yearning for some of us, women both young and old.
Yes we certainly agree that obesity is identical with a variety of disease threats such as high blood pressure, structural, heart and others.
To that still have a lot of money could go to fitness centers or fitness centers that typically serve the formation of body therapy, or buying food products diets, slimming drugs and even today there are methods other than full-blooded attempt acupuncture for slimming program.

Here is a healthy recipe for a natural lean:

  1. 2 tablespoons brewed tea powder with a glass of boiling water.
  2. Strain the tea into a cup and give one lime juice.
  3. Drink this tea orange juice while still warm three times daily between meals.

Hopefully within 1 week, if his regular drinking can lose weight until the “2 kg”.

Of course, reaction to each person is different but for my family and also some friends, this recipe is very potent.
Side effects of his problem, you can ask the experts. info that I know that a healthy tea, but if too much can dry the uterus and kidneys.
The solution was to drink plenty of water so …
Nich fun during the process of slimming tea with citrus ingredients that we’re free to eat what wrote as usual without abstinence.

This potion is not suitable for people with magh ill, pregnant women who are nursing as well.

There is another recipe for another trim the young pomegranate juice mixed with sugar crystals (rock candy). To this mixture do not drink much because it can be very thin.

there are many other recipes, but we entrust to it, good luck … and healthy living energetic pretty slim. ok …!

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