How to make logo site using PNG Transparency work in IE6

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Let’s take a look at the difference of logo.png (with transparency) above on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6

If you inserting your logo in PNG format with transparancy will leave you with a white background when saw in Internet Explorer 5 or 6. It makes your logo looks not good and this is really the last thing any web designer would want on their website. Don’t worry about that, I’ll give you a solution on how to solve this.


  1. You must download file
    Unziped file and than inside iepngfix folder you can see two file blank.gif and
    Upload two file above to your server and put into root directory.
  2. Into your CSS file add selector on tags/element which you want PNG transparency appear. Example:

    <style type="text/css">
    img.logo { behavior: url( }
    <img class="logo" src=""/>

For more detail source, see on :

IE PNG Alpha Fix v1.0
This is a IE5.5+ “behavior” that automatically adds near-native PNG support to MSIE 5.5 and 6.0 without any changes to the HTML document itself

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