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In this world are so many companies are moving the field of web hosting services and many of them are good for is selected as the web host your web site. But how can I choose the best among all of us who have? Here I try to explain to you a little about how to choose a good web host.
In fact there are 2 options before you decide to use the web hosting free web hosting and a commercial web host .

If you choose the free, should consider the following things:

  1. Advertising (Advertising), Most free web hosts that contain ads that are not relevant to your website. There is a display Banner on your site or to the way we display a new window that pop up on every new page on your website. And many more things the way they promote on your site.
    So any way for them to campaign on your site, you should select the free web host that is not possible the main view of your site.
  2. Capacity, capacity that is provided for your website is very important to do. if at any time you want to enlarge the capacity of your website, you should check whether the web host provide this extra capacity to your website.
  3. FTP Access, FTP Access fact is a matter that absolutely must be owned by web hosts, but there are some free hosting providers that only allow you to design web pages using your online buildernya. should you choose free web host that provides FTP access in order to facilitate your performance.
  4. Limits the type of file, you should see what type of file that can be uploaded and if there are limitations in the size of each file in the upload. because there are some free web host that limits the size of the file which you upload.
  5. Reliability and speed access, this is very important to note. A web site that has a low-speed access will be increasingly left behind by visitors. if you choose free web host, look who has the better speed access. to test a host that has access to a good speed, you try to call your web site for some time, when the busy day hours. if its slow loading or not.
  6. Access CGI-BIN / PHP, CGI-access facilities bin used in the web hosting facilities to support the facility on your website such as web counters, search engines, forms, polls, mailing lists and so forth. You should also examine whether the web host’s support script like PHP or not. If YES then free web host is eligible to choose from.
  7. Amount of  Bandwidth, have some free web host that implements a limitation of the amount of trffic web site you used per day or by month. This means  that if your web page by the user during the visit several times per day or per month that exceed their limits, then the web host will disable your web site or be charged for it. should select the restrictions that provide the most good traffic.

So, hopefully from the above explanation will help you to decide your choice in the case of using free web hosting.

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